Welcome to our Downloads. Below you will find links to our latest catalogue and brochures as well as our Care and Maintenance leaflet.

Harfield Catalogue – The Collection 2021

Care & Maintenance

Harfield Hospitality Brochure

Harfield Healthcare Brochure

Harfield Early Years Brochure

Harfield Justice Brochure

Antibacterial Range Leaflet

Dining with Dementia Brochure

Display Range Brochure

AMUSE Brochure

On The Go Dining

Harfield Tableware for Primary Schools 2020

Harfield Tableware for Secondary Schools 2021


Learn more about our Recycling Service and how we are helping our customers move away from single use plastics.

Recycling Form

Recycling Brochure

Sustainability Leaflet


We’ve Got You Covered! – Harfield offer a range of lids to help prep, stack, store and serve snacks, meals and drinks safely and hygienically.

We’ve Got You Covered Brochure

We’ve Got You Covered – Edition 1

We’ve Got You Covered – Edition 2

We’ve Got You Covered – Edition 3

We’ve Got You Covered – Edition 4

We’ve Got You Covered – Edition 5

We’ve Got You Covered – Edition 6

We’ve Got You Covered – School Edition


Introducing our Inspire by Harfield brochures, which aim to do exactly what the name says – Inspire! We have put our products as the canvas to showcase your culinary creations. With our products, you can delight your diners by presenting your wonderful food with fresh, stylish and exciting new looks.

Inspire by Harfield Autumn/Winter 2019

Inspire by Harfield Summer 2019

Inspire by Harfield Spring 2019

Inspire by Harfield Autumn/Winter 2018

Inspire by Harfield Summer 2018

Inspire by Harfield Spring 2018

Inspire by Harfield Autumn/Winter 2017

Inspire by Harfield Summer 2017

Inspire by Harfield Spring 2017


Colouring sheets designed for schools to educate children on the importance of using reusable and recyclable tableware.

Poppy colouring in sheet

Melvin colouring in sheet

Sophia colouring in sheet


Download our distributor brochures:

Distributor Brochure April 2020

Distributor Brochure March 2020

Distributor Brochure February 2020

Distributor Brochure January 2020

Distributor Brochure December 2019

Distributor Brochure November 2019

Distributor Brochure October 2019

Distributor Brochure September 2019

Distributor Brochure August 2019

Distributor Brochure July 2019

Distributor Brochure June 2019


Learn more about EPIQ by reading our EPIQ Newspaper.

EPIQ Daily Edition 2 – 2019

EPIQ Daily Edition 1 – 2018