Harfield polycarbonate tableware, the greenest tableware available.

Plastics are in the news every day. Discarded plastic straws, stirrers, bags, bottles and much more are littering our oceans and our environment. Disposable plastics are due to be banned following EU legislation and indeed the UK government is also looking at bans or incentives to move away from disposable plastics.

The new reusable Harfield Coffee Cup has arrived

In the UK we get through 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups a year. The majority of these cups are never recycled. They are sent to landfill and the unrecyclable plastic is ending up in the oceans. Now things are changing and more and more people are starting to use reusable cups to help save the planet.

David Harrison

We are very sorry to announce the passing of our director, David Harrison, last week after a long illness.

Keep Hydrated with Harfield

Good hydration is vital for good health. 60% of the human body is made up of water and this water needs topping up through the day to replace the water we lose.

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