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Gastronorms & Gastronorm Lids

Chose from two types of high quality gastronorms & gastronorm lids.

Our polycarbonate gastronorms are perfect for self service at buffets, school meal service, salad bars and many more. They are virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, lightweight as well as stackable!

The O2T version of this gastronorm is also suitable for cooking, microwaving, steaming and freezing. Operating temperatures are from -40C to +220C. With its excellent resistance to sudden extremes of temperature, O2T is also suited to blast freezing / chilling.

It also offers easy handling with its lighter weight compared to ceramic dishes and its resistance to chipping. Dishes are safe to touch within minutes for safer and speedier service.

Our gastronorms & gastronorm lids come in four sizes and matching colours .