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The Harfield Antibacterial range is complete with Biomaster Protection technology.

Harfield's Biomaster protected tableware is a response to the growing need to do more to tackle disease-causing bacteria and viruses. We can now confirm that Biomaster is active on substrates against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

It is our solution to help reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, which can cause illness and infections. Ideal for use in schools and nurseries as well as healthcare establishments such as hospitals, nursing and care homes. Also frequently used in other catering environments.

The antibacterial properties of this product prove to be very effective and inhibit the growth of over 50 different species of bacteria by 99.99%.

The technology is also effective for the intended lifetime of the product. It is built into it and does not wear off or leach out overtime. Chose from jugs and tumblers, plates, bowls and platters or cutlery and beakers.