Embracing ISO14001: We are delighted to announce a new milestone in our environmental journey   Achieving ISO14001 certification is a significant milestone in our journey toward sustainable growth as a

Street Food

Tantalising Trends: Street Food Takes a Seat in UK School Meals

In recent years, the landscape of school meals has undergone a delicious transformation. Street food is making its way from bustling markets to the heart of school dining rooms. As


Ron Wilkes

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you of the passing of one of our former colleagues Ron Wilkes. Ron joined us in 1968 as a Sales

Harfield Make a Difference


At the end of 2022, LACA held the Annual School Lunch event at the House of Commons. They were showcasing ‘all that is great about school food’. Over 20 MPs

Healthcare Traffic Light System

Healthcare Traffic Light System

Good hydration and nutrition are crucial for patient recovery in hospitals and the well-being of care home residents. Systems that allow the catering teams to quickly and easily identify those

Dining on the go

On the go with Harfield

Current Covid related restrictions have forced many catering companies to change their way of serving customers. Delivery and takeaway are now a popular option for many consumers. This means caterers

dining with dementia

Dining with Dementia

It is common for people with dementia to struggle with eating and drinking. Harfield have a range of tried and tested tableware products that have been assisting with people dining

Harfield Antibacterial Range

Harfield Antibacterial Range – How does it work?

We’ve been partnering with Biomaster for 8 years now to provide a comprehensive range of antibacterial products especially designed with the healthcare sector in mind. Discover our Antibacterial collection of


#Allerjanuary – Don’t Worry Be Purple!

Allergen identification is crucial to today’s caterer across all sectors from education to healthcare and hospitality when more and more consumers are being identified with special diet requirements.