Sustainability at Harfield

Sustainability at Harfield


We are delighted to announce that we recently received our ISO 14001 certification. While this certification might seem like a mere formality, it affirms our longstanding commitment to sustainable practices. Having an external agency audit and confirm our adherence to the ISO 14001 standard is immensely reassuring.

Sustainability can have varied meanings across different industries. In the tableware and light catering equipment sector, Harfield stands out as the most sustainable option for several reasons:

  1. Made in the UK
    Manufacturing in the UK significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our products compared to those made in the Far East or Southern Hemisphere. This not only minimizes transport miles but also supports local employment. A diverse and vibrant economy is crucial for the UK’s sustainability, and we are proud to contribute to our community. Additionally, all the tools for our products are manufactured and serviced within the UK.
  2. Reusable and Recyclable

    Our products are designed for long-term use and are fully reusable, eliminating the need for single-use items. Customers benefit from reduced costs and waste disposal expenses, as our products do not end up in landfill or incineration. At the end of their life, Harfield products can be returned to us for recycling. We are the only UK manufacturer offering a free recycling service for tableware products. Unlike crockery or melamine, our products are recyclable.

  3. Virtually Unbreakable

    Harfield products are engineered in the UK to ensure the highest quality. Our polycarbonate and copolyester products are virtually unbreakable, lasting significantly longer than crockery, melamine, or glass. This durability not only enhances safety for users and caterers but also offers financial sustainability by reducing the need for frequent replacements. Our products are designed to provide unmatched longevity and versatility, further proving their financial sustainability.

  4. Advantages of Plastic

    Plastic is one of the 20th century’s greatest inventions, and modern plastics can now be produced without crude oil. Harfield is soon introducing these new, more sustainable plastics into our range. Plastics offer numerous advantages over other materials for tableware: they are recyclable, virtually unbreakable, and typically more cost-effective than crockery and glass.

  5. Energy Usage

    By manufacturing in the UK, we save energy compared to products made elsewhere. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact includes installing solar panels on our warehouse and offices. Additionally, we are transitioning all company vehicles to electric or hybrid options. Our dedication to sustainability, at Harfield, extends beyond our products to encompass all our activities.

Harfield remains committed to pioneering sustainable practices in our industry, ensuring our operations benefit both the environment and our community.