Dining with Dementia

It is common for people with dementia to struggle with eating and drinking. Harfield have a range of tried and tested tableware products that have been assisting with people dining with dementia.  Our range includes wide rimmed plates with high sides, our assisted living plate with an anti-slip base, our 2 handled beaker, and 500ml jug with wider handle to aid grip, to name just a few.


Importance of colour:

Colour has been shown to help people eat more. Introducing contrasting tableware, such as our plates and bowls, to the table setting will help the person see what is in front of them and to eat resulting in higher calorie intake.  Our range of products including jugs, tumblers, plates, bowls, and cutlery are available in up to 20 different colours, including the most commonly cited blue, red and yellow. This enables you to pick the right colour for your dementia strategy or for the individual diner.


Independence and feeling involved:

Harfield products are great for encouraging people to feel independent when dining which will help to encourage interest, resulting in increased calorie intake.

Our assisted living plate has an anti-slip base stopping it from moving while in use. It also features a high side so food can be scooped without it falling off the plate.

The 2 handled beaker can be used with and without spouts. Its wide handles make it easier to hold and lightweight material make it easy to lift.  The optional wide spout lid also fits a straw.

Our 500ml jug and lid is ideal for the older diner as it is lightweight, easy to lift and has a wide handle to make gripping and pouring easier to do.

These solutions make the diner feel more independent and involved in mealtimes, resulting in a more enjoyable dining experience.  Our products are also stylish and make dining with dignity much easier.


Catering for individual needs:

We understand catering for each person’s individual dining needs is important in dementia care, this will result in a better dining experience and ultimately encourage them to eat and drink more.

Should a patient prefer small portions or nutritious snacks throughout the day our range of small plates, platters and bowls with lids are ideal for this purpose.  Our small bowls can be preloaded with food and easy lift off lids added to keep food fresh. Diners can then help themselves to portion controlled snacks as and when required.

For people who are slower at eating our range of insulated bowls will help keep food warmer for longer giving the person enough time eat and to enjoy, making sure they don’t feel rushed.

We have many more products that we are sure can assist your patients dining with dementia, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Download our Dining with Dementia Brochure here.