Harfield Antibacterial Range – How does it work?

We’ve been partnering with Biomaster for 8 years now to provide a comprehensive range of antibacterial products especially designed with the healthcare sector in mind. Discover our Antibacterial collection of 15 products, including a brand new Locker Set. Enhanced with Biomaster technology, our products offer permanent product protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and mould.

How effective is Biomaster?

Very. Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by 99.99%.

Is Biomaster safe?

Yes. It is based on silver ion technology, recognised for centuries with no harmful effects. Biomaster is used in medical, food and water applications.

How long is Biomaster effective for?

Biomaster is effective for the intended lifetime of the product it is added to. It is built into the product and does not wear off or leach out.

Lesley Taylor (Regulatory Affairs Manager, BSc Hons in Biochemistry and Microbiology) from Addmaster has recently mentioned in their latest blog post that ‘Biomaster has yet to be tested against Covid-19 on this type of application and currently there is no method available by which it could be tested.

However although we do not yet have any data, the microbiology suggests that if Biomaster is effective against Norovirus on porous surfaces, then the active agent is also likely to have an effect on the lipid coating and the essential components required for Covid-19 to function and invade a host.

Unlike alcohol-based gels, disinfectants and oxidisers, Biomaster antimicrobial technology is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the treated article. It could therefore complement current hygiene guidance offering additional product protection.

The most important thing at this time is to follow the official advice and keep safe.’

Read more here https://www.addmaster.co.uk/blog/coronavirus-can-biomaster-help

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