Street Food

Tantalising Trends: Street Food Takes a Seat in UK School Meals

In recent years, the landscape of school meals has undergone a delicious transformation. Street food is making its way from bustling markets to the heart of school dining rooms. As

Are you ready for the UK single-use plastic ban?

Are you ready for the UK single-use plastic ban?

Be Prepared for the UK Single-Use Plastic Ban in October 2023 The countdown has begun! England is set to join Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales in taking a significant step


Ron Wilkes

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you of the passing of one of our former colleagues Ron Wilkes. Ron joined us in 1968 as a Sales

Harfield Make a Difference


At the end of 2022, LACA held the Annual School Lunch event at the House of Commons. They were showcasing ‘all that is great about school food’. Over 20 MPs