Assisted Living

‘The Assisted Living Plate allows our guests to eat independently and with dignity’

With the growing demand for Assisted Living utensils and tableware, we have assembled a range of products to aid and provide comfort during every day activities such as eating and drinking.

Our newly introduced, high quality Assisted Living Plate from August Lundh has a high rim, making it easier to scoop food onto cutlery. The integrated non slip base holds it in place and the bright colours make it ideal for anyone with cognitive, motor or physical impairments. The plate is also suitable for any type of dish, from soup, main courses to desserts!

The Assisted Living Plate is available in three colours and comes with or without a lid for storing and keeping food warm and fresh.

This new addition enhances our range with the already popular 2-handled beakers as well as nose cups.  Both of those options are extremely durable and lightweight, making it perfect for anyone with arthritis or joint pains. The designs have been specifically created to allow for extra stability and aid with drinking. The 2-handled beaker can be used with different types of spouts – narrow and wide, depending on the persons’ needs.

All materials used in our products are virtually unbreakable and won’t shatter or splinter, when dropped, This feature makes them truly long-lasting and reusable time and time again.

All of our products have received positive feedback in regards to ease of use, practicality as well as quality, which makes us here, at Harfield, very proud to offer this range and keep extending it to provide comfort and help to our customers.