#Allerjanuary – Don’t Worry Be Purple!

#Allerjanuary – Don’t Worry Be Purple!

In the UK, an estimated 2 million people are living with a diagnosed food allergy and 1 in 100 with coeliac disease.

Allergen identification is crucial to today’s caterer across all sectors from education to healthcare and hospitality when more and more consumers are being identified with special diet requirements.

The top priority for catering establishments all across the UK is to protect their customers and create a safe and trusted environment for every diner. Julian Edwards, the CEO of Allergen Accreditation mentioned in his comments that “we decant ingredients from packaging, create dishes and serve these to paying customers. It therefore becomes the caterer’s responsibility to inform the customer what allergenic ingredients are contained in the dish”.

Clear labelling and colour coding are one of the best practices among caterers to spread allergen awareness and deliver an enjoyable, safe meal to their customers. The colour purple is quickly becoming an industry standard to identify food allergies in both kitchens and serving areas.

At Harfield, we understand the importance of colour in allergen awareness in the catering sector and believe that our 4 Point PURPLE Product Plan will help you select the Harfield products for your catering needs.


Our 4 Point Purple Product Plan:

  • Preparation – Use our range of PURPLE bowls and dishes as food prep storage to keep food separate.
  • Cooking – Choose our PURPLE Oven to Tableware range to cook and store food. Dishes available in individual portions and up to half size gastronorms.
  • Display – Our PURPLE polycarbonate and Oven to Tableware gastronorms, along with out purple serving tongs are great for serving food.
  • Serving – We have a wide range of PURPLE trays, plates, bowls, jugs, cutlery and tumblers to ensure prepared and cooked food is served to the correct diner.

So let’s get serious together about food safety this #allerjanuary and spread the awareness!


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