Hot off the press!

Our first edition of our Hospitality brochure is a small selection of the products we offer that are perfect for the hospitality sector.

Seven things to consider when choosing tableware for your nursery

Meal times at nursery are never going to be the cleanest of events, but choosing the right tableware can help to minimise the mess and if you’re clever in what you choose, meal times can be fun, colourful and safe!

It's Harfield in the Library with the Teaspoon!

It's 'LACA week'! How did it come around so quickly? We're excited and raring to go! We hope you are too.

It's a thumbs up for our happy customers and of course for the Harfield team!

We love positive feedback at Harfield - well who doesn't? And as it's Monday, we thought we'd share two testimonials from last week. It's all about #MondayMotivation!

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