The new reusable Harfield Coffee Cup has arrived

The new Harfield reusable coffee cup is here!

In the UK we get through 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups a year. The majority of these cups are never recycled. They are sent to landfill and the unrecyclable plastic is ending up in the oceans. Now things are changing and more and more people are starting to use reusable cups to help save the planet.

At Harfield, we want to do our bit to help save the environment and save you money. Along with our recycling service, we are now manufacturing more products to help our customers move away from single-use plastics and ditch their disposables. The new reusable coffee cup is our latest product in our ‘green’ range.

Key features:

  • 350ml (12.3oz) capacity
  • Antibacterial – 24 hour product protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms
  • Insulated to keep your drink warm for longer
  • Comes complete with Comfort Pack (including spout protector & foot)
  • The foot provides an anti-slip base to give the cup extra stability
  • Optional Sleeve
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Wide range of stock & custom colours – the inner, outer, lid & sleeve can be different colours & you can personalise it with your own design
  • Dishwasher safe

Studies have shown that eco-aware coffee drinks run the risk of being exposed to potentially harmful bacteria if their reusable cups aren’t washed shortly after use. Harfield have responded to this concern by adding anti-microbial product protection to their reusable coffee cup to reduce the presence of bacteria, regardless of the frequency and timing of washing. By adding Biomaster antimicrobial technology ( we are providing our customers with durable 24 hour product protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface of our coffee cup. Silver ion technology works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria landing on the cup: unable to produce energy or replicate, they can’t survive. When incorporated into the manufacturing process, Biomaster becomes an integral part of the material and does not leach or migrate out.

To ensure our cup is extra ‘green’, we have designed it so it is 100% recyclable:

  • The cup and lid are made from PE-HD.
  • The spout protector and foot are made from TPE.
  • The sleeve is made from HIPS.

Please return your Harfield coffee cups when no longer in use to:
Harfield Components Ltd. Hammond Avenue, Whitehill Industrial Estate, Stockport. SK4 1PQ
to be recycled free of charge.

For further information on our reusable coffee cup, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 477 5678 or email us at