Harfield polycarbonate tableware, the greenest tableware available.

Harfield polycarbonate tableware, the greenest tableware available.

Plastics are in the news every day. Discarded plastic straws, stirrers, bags, bottles and much more are littering our oceans and our environment.  Disposable plastics are due to be banned following EU legislation and indeed the UK government is also looking at bans or incentives to move away from disposable plastics.

The dreadful pictures of our marine life struggling to cope with the effects of human activities rightly embarrasses us all. Even the arctic is not free from plastic pollution of some sort.

Plastic is however a vital material in our everyday lives. Without it, life would be very different. Plastic is found everywhere and mostly it is performing an incredibly important role.  Plastic is the modern material that has allowed humanity to grow and evolve. To balance this though, the way humanity has disposed of our plastic has led to today’s problems and indeed is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Harfield manufacture a full range of plastic tableware items. However, our range of plastics are 100% recyclable (and recycled in the UK not sent overseas) and also reusable. The typical lifespan of one of our polycarbonate items is over 3 years, and in some cases over 20 years!  So whilst it is made of plastic, our tableware is actually providing a better product than most alternatives.  For example, melamine and crockery plates and bowls are not recyclable and they also break easily. Once broken these items have to be sent to landfill where they will stay for ever more.  Harfield’s polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and so it will last a lot longer than the alternatives and when it eventually comes to the end of its use, it can be recycled and made into other items. At this stage it cannot be made into tableware as the plastic needs to be approved for food contact use.  But it is recyclable and recycled and remanufactured here in the UK.

Our latest product is our reusable coffee cup. This cup is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and is designed to replace single use disposable coffee cups that are in the main unrecyclable.  Please contact us for more information on this new product.

Earlier this year, we relaunched our free recycling service for all Harfield, Roltex, AMC and Malko tableware.  Simply return to us and we will recycle the items into granulated polycarbonate for use in other industries where there is a huge demand for polycarbonate.  Please contact us to discuss this service. It will save you money as well as the environment!

To conclude these are the reasons why Harfield polycarbonate tableware is the UK’s greenest tableware product available:

  • It is manufactured in the UK from European sourced raw materials – thus reducing transport miles. (Most melamine and other plastic tableware is sourced from China and the far East)
  • It is reusable – most of our polycarbonate products last at least 3 years and even longer when correct care instructions are followed.
  • It is virtually unbreakable – unlike melamine and crockery which break easily and need replacing, Harfield polycarbonate tableware will last. You may need to replace melamine or crockery 2, 3, 4 or more times often than one polycarbonate item.
  • It is 100% recyclable – unlike melamine and crockery, Harfield polycarbonate tableware is 100% recyclable and we will recycle it for you for free!