Harfield, the greener tableware solution

We are delighted to announce the relaunch of the Harfield recycling scheme. As we are sure you are aware, the environmental issues of single use plastics polluting our oceans, rivers and countryside is very topical. This is an issue that Harfield are concerned about too.

Harfield’s polycarbonate and copolyester tableware is 100% recyclable and indeed is recycled by a UK plastics recycler in their facility in Nottingham. It is not transported across the world to the Far East for it to pollute the environment there. Currently the recycled tableware is made into tree ties for the Forestry Commission.

We are proud of the full lifecycle environmental solutions that our tableware offers. All our polycarbonate and raw materials are sourced in Europe and is made here in the UK meaning minimal transport miles for these products. Once the tableware has come to its natural end of use, it can then be fully recycled here in the UK so continuing its usefulness.

This contrasts completely with single use plastics and melamine products. In general, these are manufactured in the Far East and thus the transport environmental costs are huge. More than this, melamine is not recyclable. When the melamine products come to their end of use, the only place for these products is in landfill. Disposable products may be recyclable depending on their raw materials. However, their environmental costs come from the fact that they are single use and disposed of immediately after use.

The Harfield recycling service is available for all our polycarbonate, polypropylene, copolyester, HDPE products that have our name on the item. As part of EPIQ, our European Partnership, we can also recycle tableware with the following brand names: Roltex, AMC, Malko and Akvila. The service is free once the items for recycling are back with us or the recycler. For more information please email us at info@harfieldtableware.co.uk.

Please note we cannot recycle melamine or disposable products for reasons outlined above.
To further back up our commitment to be the greener tableware solution and helping you to ditch your disposables and move away from melamine, we are launching our recycling service with some special offers on products that were introduced to replace disposable items. We have slashed the prices of our MultiPot, MultiDish, Individual Serving Platter and small cutlery. Again for more details, please email us at info@harfieldtableware.co.uk.

Also look out for our latest product, the Dessert Pot, which will hopefully be launched in May this year. This product has been introduced as a request by our customers for an alternative to a disposable dessert pot. We also have a very exciting new product coming soon that will also help you reduce your disposable use. More news on that will follow soon.

One final way in which our polycarbonate and copolyester products are better for the environment and for you, is that they last longer. Anecdotal evidence from our customers shows that melamine products typically last 12 months before needing to be replaced, whereas Harfield polycarbonate and copolyester tableware can last upwards of 3 years. So that’s 3 times the value for Harfield. Saving you money and saving you costs of replacement and landfill.
Harfield polycarbonate and copolyester tableware is the greener tableware solution. It saves you money and saves the environment. Ditch your disposables, move away from melamine and make the greener choice for your tableware.