7 things to consider when choosing tableware for schools and colleges.

7 things to consider when choosing tableware for schools and colleges and why Harfield provides the best range for your needs.


There are many factors to review when choosing the right tableware for your school such as durability, safety, budget and sustainability. Here are 7 things to consider:



You want your product to last, and while tableware in your school will be used on a daily basis, you want to invest in a high quality product with best value for your money. Our products are virtually unbreakable and will withstand the test of daily use. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products.


2. Safety

Safety of your students and staff will be your top priority. While crockery and glass may provide a more grown up eating experience, it is not the safest of options in the event of plates or glasses being dropped. Harfield tableware will not shatter or splinter when dropped, meaning only the food and drink will need to be cleaned up. It will also give you piece of mind, knowing any cuts or injuries from broken tableware would be easily avoided. When manufacturing our products, we keep in mind the qualities of the materials used – we choose the highest quality polycarbonate and copolyester, sourced in Europe, to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. Melamine can shatter and be sharp if it gets broken, which is of course a concern for schools. Unlike melamine, our products are also non-porous meaning they are not prone to absorption of bacteria.



The old saying buy cheap, buy twice is relevant to tableware purchases too. Cheap products will not withstand regular dishwashing as they could warp and their colour may fade and will not stand the test of time. A good investment will mean your tableware will not let you down and will end up saving you money in the long term.



Sustainability is a factor to consider now more than ever. With almost 60 years of experience, Harfield ensures only the best quality materials are used to manufacture our products in Europe, meaning the transport miles from factory to end user are much lower, making a huge difference to your carbon footprint. Choosing products that are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable will contribute to sustaining a healthier future and environment as well as educating students on the importance of both, reducing the use of disposable plastics, and recycling. We also offer our customers a recycling service, making Harfield the greenest tableware solution available, of which we are extremely proud. The vast majority of products we sell are made here in the UK.


5.Product Range

At Harfield, we are continually expanding our product range. By listening to our customers, we deliver products to provide solutions to their needs. We also understand the importance of allergen and food intolerance awareness. By providing a wide range of colours, we make it easy for you to cater for all your students’ and staffs’ dietary needs.


6.Meal Service Efficiency

Lunchtime is a very busy time of the day for caterers. We understand the importance of choosing the right type of trays, serving utensils and food containers for your school. To make the meal service time as easy as possible for you, we have a vast range of trays (with or without compartments depending on your needs), plates and bowls, jugs and tumblers, gastronorms (both to serve cold foods as well as Oven to Tableware dishes) as well as a selection of serving tongs to suit a variety of foods. We also offer MultiPots and Dessert Pots with lids, which means portions of pasta, rice, salads, sweet treats etc. can be easily prepared before meal service and picked up on the go.



With large numbers of items that you will need to clean, dry and store away throughout the day, it is important to choose products that are dishwasher safe, easy to clean and stain resistant. Our tableware is very easy to handle, clean and clear away with many products designed to be stackable for efficient storage. Cleanliness is also something that is important. Opt for tableware that is made from a non-porous material so if it gets scratched or chipped then bacteria will not be absorbed into the scratches and staining will be minimised.


Please feel free to contact us on carolmoodie@harfieldtableware.co.uk or on 0161 477 5678 for any further advice on choosing tableware for your school or college.