As BREXIT now looms on the horizon, we believe that Remainers and Brexiteers alike understand the benefits that trade brings to the UK. Europe is our closest trading partner and post BREXIT, in whatever form it takes, will continue to be so.

As a founding member of EPIQ, European Partners In Quality, Harfield have secured long term partnerships with leading European manufacturers to enable us to offer the highest quality products, manufactured in Europe, to all our customers in the UK and Ireland. With products from Roltex of Belgium, August Lundh of Sweden, Proplast of Greece, AMC of Spain and the newest member, CWK of Sweden, we now offer a much broader portfolio of innovative, high quality light catering equipment.

Harfield’s range of polycarbonate tableware continues to be manufactured in the UK at factories in Stockport and Stockton-on-Tees.  We have worked with our raw material suppliers to ensure we have security of supply until late Summer, ensuring that we can continue to supply our products no matter what the effects of BREXIT.

By also working with our European partners, we are confident that we will be in a very strong position to overcome any hurdles in our way.  Strong relationships with partners, suppliers and customers is in our DNA and will continue to be our formula for sustained success in both the short and long term.

Whether it is a hard, soft or none BREXIT, Harfield will continue to work closely with our European partners to bring innovative, high quality, European manufactured products to our customers.