Harfield and Roltex Cooperation

In May 2015 Harfield met with Roltex in Belgium to discuss a new cooperation agreement between our two companies.  Harfield have been manufacturing polycarbonate tableware since 1961 and Roltex recently celebrated their 50th anniversary of manufacturing service trays.

The first thing that struck both companies was our similarity. Both companies have exactly the same ethos and passion for manufacturing the very best products and putting customers first.

What initially started as exploratory talks, soon developed into a compete agreement.  Harfield would become the main distributor of Roltex products in the UK and Ireland and Roltex would become the main distributor of Harfield products in the rest of Europe and potentially beyond.

Both companies are equally excited about the potential that this cooperation brings to both companies.  For Harfield, the enhanced range of service trays from the leading European manufacturer, enables us to offer a huge range (over 4000!) different trays to all of our customers.  Whether you are a school, nursery, hospital, restaurant, hotel, bar, care home or indeed anywhere where you need a tray, we have a tray for you.  Furthermore, the vast majority of the trays can be personalised with your logo or design.  So if you are wanting to really make an impact on your customers, a personalised tray could be the solution you have been looking for.

Most of the trays in the Roltex range are made to order and so lead times can be up to 6 weeks.  However, this is quicker than any other supplier in the UK.

We are both justifiably proud of our heritage and traditions.  This new cooperation agreement will enhance the products and services we can offer our customers. Backed by the knowledge and security that all products in the enlarged ranges are manufactured in Europe to give you quality, service and peace of mind.