Selection of Harfield display trays, carrying trays and the Harfield Meal Tray. The Harfield Meal Tray was designed and developed in conjunction with the school meals sector. The meal trays are renowned for offering the very best value for money with a high quality product that is available in up to 8 different colours. Our meal trays help save you time and money and are still very popular with school children.

Also listed is a selection of laminated, polyester and plastic trays by Roltex.    

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  1. Style: 345 x 265mm Trays
35x27cm Marine Polypropylene Tray

35x27cm Marine Polypropylene Tray

£2.29 inc vat
35x27cm Pastel Yellow Polypropylene Tray

35x27cm Pastel Yellow Polypropylene Tray

£2.29 inc vat
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