With O2T, the same dish may be used for cooking, microwaving, steaming, serving and freezing. Operating temperatures are -40C to +220C and with its excellent resistance to sudden extremes of temperature, O2T is also suited to blast freezing / chilling.


O2T offers easy handling with its lighter weight compared to ceramic dishes and its resistance to chipping. Dishes are safe to touch within minutes for safer and speedier service.


Laboratory tests have seen a 10% potential energy saving with shorter cooking times and lower temperatures. These products are easy to clean as they are naturally non-stick and are dishwasher and steriliser safe.


These products are not suitable for induction cooking and should not be applied to direct heat – such as gas flames, oven rings etc. These items are not made from polycarbonate and therefore are NOT unbreakable.


All lids shown are not spill proof.

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1/6 Gastronorm Base - Oven to Tableware

1/6 Gastronorm Base - Oven to Tableware

£20.51 inc vat
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